Mass-mirroring Wikileaks

Wikileaks is under heavy attack.

In order to make it impossible to ever fully remove Wikileaks from the Internet, we need your help.

if you have a unix-based server which is hosting a website on the Internet and you want to give wikileaks some of your hosting resources, you can help!

Please follow the following instructions:

* Setup an account where we can upload files using RSYNC+SSH (preferred) or FTP * Put our SSH key in this server (or create an FTP account, but we prefer SSH since we use rsync to send you the mirror, which is far easier for us and lighter for your server) * Create a virtual host in your web server, which, for example, can be * send the IP address of your server to us, and the path where we should upload the content. (just fill the form below)

We will take care of all the rest: Sending pages to your server, updating them each time data is released, maintaining a list of such mirrors. If your server is down or if the account don’t work anymore, we will automatically remove your server from the list.

Our content is only html/css/javascript/png static files, so we don’t require much resource to host it.

The complete website should not take more than a couple of GB at the moment (with base website and cablegate data)

To add your mirror to the list, please download the SSH key you will find below, then fill the following form to add your website to our mirror list :

IP Address of your server *
add ":port" if you are using a port other than 22 for SSH or 21 for FTP, IPv6 should be written with brackets [ ] like [2001:67e::44]:22
Login we should use to access this server *
Password we should use, ONLY if we should use FTP
absolute path where we should upload the html data. *
Hostname you configured on your http server to serve the pages (if not *
I know that this may be dangerous if I host a virtual host, and I'm ok with this risk. *

and also (not required)
an email address where we can contact you if we saw your server offline or have any other problem (we will keep it confidential)
Any comment about this mass-mirroring project ?

The KEY you should allow is :
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAtmX4Jx8NGcCEiwEIQAcHKS1s+N9GLzca9Ffu4ItBEB/6jVTEoamnxnYt0WHQ0I+jpN3g/k2lF3MTncUjwrLorWSxPLI6giGTheT4vhLZQOVZV4O+GS0CETMKVsrclPLhHouW891QU84eHACuTh+KUvuhs3pV0EHYHnAVCIs8JuU03ZTNIIuuYFVf7P3BCIa8pnncUcy722ZB7qlWCjjjpBxLGr1/EyOTsZD76Kl8BBoiZDwXCgFzvKYe2NqhqRBb8bo0CP6QyyROxcgBLYtvBJurhMNQ7qTZJBF5DjeDQrCvCZsEwlffV5BFoQY5ISnZgkKC00Ww65y6+EwCZ9WvSw==
you can also download this key here

this keyfile signatures are:

  • ssh fingerprint : 2048 72:16:b8:6a:e4:02:6f:69:ac:b4:7a:6a:9e:00:f1:b0
  • sha1sum : f1dde3ec690466fc76f94bcf557ae94ce6e92c56
  • md5sum : 95ce4351299d723907e048c81877d3e5
  • sha256sum : c1737e11e3e0a5f4e782f75bb99b63fe4523fb29e3b2b8845ee9e53b7f21c3d1
  • bubblebabble digest :
    +--[ RSA 2048]----+
    |                 |
    |       .         |
    |o     . .        |
    | =     . .       |
    |E . . o S        |
    |.+ + . +         |
    |..B +            |
    |o=+o             |
    |B*               |

How to setup Debian/Ubuntu Apache2-based server to host a WikiLeaks mirror

#1 Create a DNS A record (here '') in your domain's DNS zone and make it point to your server's IP
#2 Create on your webserver the user Wikileaks staff will use to upload the website
useradd -m -d /home/wikileaks wikileaks
#3 Set the Wikileaks SSH Public Key
mkdir /home/wikileaks/.ssh
wget -O /home/wikileaks/.ssh/authorized_keys
# Also available on if the first server is down
#4 Create the directory which will be used to host the file and give wikileaks user's write permissions:
mkdir /var/www/
chown wikileaks:wikileaks /var/www/
chmod u+w /var/www/
#5 Create Apache virtual host
nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/
# With the following content (modify it according to your needs)
<VirtualHost *:80>
        DocumentRoot /var/www/
        <Directory /var/www/>
                AllowOverride None

        <Location />
                Order Allow,Deny
        Allow from All
#6 Enable the vhost
#7 Verify configuration files
apache2ctl configtest
#8 If no errors are given you can load the new configuration files
apache2ctl graceful


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